I'm Lynda  and I would like to welcome you to our site.
I have been working with yorkies for about 13 years now and maltese for 10 years.
Here at doggoneyorkies we do have maltese, yorkies and parti color yorkies puppies for sale.
All  pupies are rasied in our bedroom, so we can keep a close eye on them all.
I take great pride in all my babies, they really are my life.

Here we don't think any dog is ugly or bad, they are all great gifts right from God himself.

This is what dog ethics means to me when it comes to breeding dogs having healthy very nice sweet dogs that are
loving life. Sure you want the right male to the right female, but if everyone is healthy, sweet, and happy it is
always the right mix. and love lots of love. I think the word ethic means something different for everyone, some
people push this word ethics a bit to far.

If you would like a show dog I do have one or two a year and I could give you some names of show people.

We live is a small town called Mechanicsville in Maryland 20659
We are 20 miles south of Waldorf Maryland on rt 5
Feel free to E-mail me anytime or call 301-373-8794

Before buying a puppy please read up on puppy mills and puppy brocker, there are some links on my link page.
There also are lots of doggy links and fun links as well.

All my page are made by me and I'm so
please with my pages. Each page fits
each dog just right.  Pat made my home
page and I have loved this page from the
first day she sent it to me.
I have been working on putting everyones pedigrees on the site. Most I have got right from AKC.org
and you can too.some people make up pedigrees, but not me,  I think they are all great.
Home phone 301-373-8794
Cell phone 240-298-8888
These puppies are top quality yorkies, Champoins all over the pedigrees . The cost is still at a pet price, we want our pups in a pet homes.
41037 Plowdens way
Mechanicsville Maryland 20659